Single-Turn Potentiometer
Analog output angle position sensor.
Measurement angle is less than 360°
You can use Single-Turn Potentiometer for small range measurement.

CP-2FJ Series
Contact Type
QP-2H Series
Contactless Type
CPP-45BJ Series
Contac Type

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Multi-Turn Potentiometer
Analog output angle position sensor.
Measurement angle more than 1800°
You can use multi-Turn Potentiometer for wide range measurement.

 HP-18 Series
Contact Type
 CPP-45 Gear Head Series
Contact Type
 CP-22H Gear Head Series
Contctless Type

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Linear Potentiometer
Analog output liner position sensor.
Measurement length is 5mm to 2235m

LP-HA Series
Contactless Type
LP-FJ Series
Contact Type
CPP-LS Series (Cable Pot)
Contactless Type

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Magnetic Rotary Encoder
Digital output angle position sensor.
You can use Magnetic Rotary Encoder for wide range and high-speed measurement.

CE36M Series
Absolute Magnetic Rotary Encoder

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Inclinometer/ Tilt Sensor
Analog/ Digital output inclinometer.
Pendulum-type inclinometer and MEMS inclinometer

PMP-HTL Series
Pendulum-type inclinometer
ESC30xxZ Series
MEMS inclinometer
PMP-SHT Series
Pendulum inclinometer

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Dial, Converter, etc.

Dial Converter

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