Contactless Angle Precision Potentiometer CP-1Hx Giveaway

NEW Contactless Angle Precision Pot Giveaway For 10 Companies
We are launching our brand-new contactless angle precision potentiotmer CP-1Hx. To celebrate the launch of CP-1Hx series, we are giving away 10 samples of CP-1Hx!
The release date of this product is December 2018.
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Angle Precision Potentiometer CP-1Hx series Features

Smaller Than a Quarter & Thin As 0.17inches

With the diameter of 0.82in (21mm) and 0.17in (4.4mm) thinness, CP-1Hx fits any limited tight spaces. Offering high level protection against EMS, EMI, and ESD.
Dual Analog Output

Although this is a small potentiometer, it is feasible for offering dual output. The available analog output signal is voltage ratio output (Standard) and PWM (Pulse Width Modulation).


Wider Angle Measurement

Even though it is an unprecedented small potentiometer, wide angle measurement of up to 360° (Dead angle:0.1°) is possible.
(Mechanical angle is 360° endless.)

Preliminary Specifications   

Effective Electrical Tilt Angle 50° ~ 360° (Dead Angle: 0.1°)
Absolute Linearity ±2%FS (FS=50°)
Input Voltage DC 5 ±0.5V
Output Variation  Ratio, PWM
Output Range  10%Vin ~ 90% Vin
Category Temp. -40℃ ~ +85℃
Vibration 200m/S2 5 ~ 500Hz
Shock 500m/S2 11ms
EMS (Immunity) ISO 11452-2, -3    100V/m
EMI (Emission) CISPR25
ESD IEC61000-4-2    ±15kV
IP Level IP67 (Except Shaft Side)


Dimensions (mm)

Application Examples

  • Electric Mobility Scooter/ Electric Wheelchair: Speed control device
  • Medical Equipment: Control lever
  • AGV: Wheel angle
  • Personal Transporter: Speed control device
  • Joystick: Lever angle
  • Wearable Robot: Joint angle of robot arms/ legs
  • Control Dial (Direction/ Engine speed control): Dial rotation angle
  • Rehabilitation Equipment: Joint angle
  • Amusement Robot: Actuator angle
  • Drone / Unmanned Vehicle: Control device, Control lever
  • Industrial Robot: Arm angle, Hand opening control

Be One of 10 to win CP-1Hx Giveaway

We will hold a draw and give away free sample of CP-1Hx to 10 people.
CP-1Hx Free Sample Spec:
   ・±45° (=90°) electrical angle
   ・Single output
   ・Voltage ratio output
   ・Double side flat shaft/ D-Cut shaft

Application Dead Line: November 30, 2018
We will contact the winners only by e-mail and check the delivery address.

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