Conductive Plastic Angle Precision Potentiometer CP-45FB Giveaway

NEW Conductive Plastic Angle Precision Pot Giveaway For 5 Companies
We are launching our brand-new conductive plastic angle precision potentiometer CP-45FB. To celebrate the launch of CP-45FB series, we are giving away 5 samples of CP-45FB 5KΩ total resistance!


Please go to the bottom of this page for the free sample application ⇩ 


CP-45FB Series Features

CP-45FB Series features conductive plastic potentiometers whose predecessor was model CPP-45B that has been known as the product of having an established function and quality reputation over the years.

Superb Linearity of ±0.1%

CP-45FB has succeeded in achieving the independent linearity of ±0.1%, surpassing the standard independent linearity of the typical conductive plastic potentiometers of ±0.3%.


Long Life of 50 Million Cycles

The lifetime of CP-45FB is capable of reaching 50 million cycles which is an extension of about 5 times more than that of the conventional CPP-45B.


Low Cost & Fast Turnaround

Although the specifications of CP-45FB are superior to those of CPP-45B, CP-45FB product is being offered at a lower cost than its predecessor and moreover, the delivery time is shorter.


CP-45FB Series Specifications

Effective Electrical Travel 350° +2°, -3°
Total Resistance 1K, 2K, 5K, 10K Ω
Independent Linearity ±0.1%
Total Mechanical Travel 360° Endless
Torque 1.8mN・m MAX.
Life Cycles 50 Million Cycles
Category Temperature Range -40 ~ +120 ℃
Weight 51g

Dimensions (mm)

Application Examples

Train/ Electrical Locomotive: Speed control lever
CT Scanner: Tomographic scan angle
Crane: Boom/Arm angle, Swing angle


Be 1 of 5 to win CP-45FB giveaway

We will hold a draw and giveaway free sample of CP-45FB 5KΩ (Single Output) to 5 companies. We will contact only the winners by e-mail and check the delivery address.

Application Dead Line: May 31, 2019

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