Multi Pole Magnet Scale

Magnetic Rotary Encoder

Our Multi Pole Magnet Scale is designed to be …

Key Features:
Magnet scale for magnetic encoder 
High resolution
Available with narrow pitch magnetizing
The excellent pitch precision of the magnetizing
High-frequency and low-distortion


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Produce the electrical signal by using a Magneto-electric Conversion Devices such as an MR-Sensor in combination with this product.

Max. Work Size Φ200mm x 20mm
Magnetizing Pitch 100μm~1,000μm
Single Pitch Error 0.10%
Cumulative Pitch Error  0.40%
Total Harmonic Distortion 2% (2~7th)


DATA SHEET (PDF)/ Technical Information



Our Featured Product “Multi Pole Magnet Scale -Encoder ” Post Date 09/18/2018


      • Characteristics of magnet may affected by excessive high/low temperature and strong magnetic force.


Office Automation: Memory (Rotation angle) Motors: Control/Shaft position synchronization Industrial Robot: Arm angle


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