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The Midori potentiometer so called position sensor is a precision sensor that converts mechanical displacement such as rotational angle, tilt angle, linear displacement, and pressure variance to electrical signals.
Potentiometer has features of easy wiring and low current consumption.
Our unique sensors: Green Pot, Blue Pot, Orange Pot, W-w (Wire Wound) Pot are used for the highly advanced technological fields in the world.

Example of Use

Medical Instrument

Reclining mechanism of treatment table
Camera positioning of X-ray
Electrocardiographic monitor

Printing Machine

Omnidirectional control (vertical and horizontal)
Amount of ink
Tension controller


Mast height and tilting angle detection and control
Control lever
Steering angle detection and control
Foot pedal

Communication Satellite Antenna

Attitude control
Orientation control
Elevation angle measurement


Clutch stroke detection
Electric governor
Vehicle height detection
Vehicle body inclination detection
Foot pedal

Power Shovel

Boom / Arm angle detection
Boom / Arm length detection
Control lever
Foot pedal
Hydraulic valve
Hydraulic pump
Vehicle body inclination detection
Slewing detection and control

There are plenty of examples in other application:

Construction vehicles
Mining Vehicles
Industrial Robots
Musical Instruments
Rockets and Satellites
Moving Light
Valve Positioner
Street Car
Leisure Boat
           and so on.