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ESC30xxZ Series industrial inclinometers are high-performance sensors using MEMS Accelerometer for determining the inclination in the X and Y axes with excellent precision. Using Aluminum Die-Cast housing, these versions offer mechanical stability and encapsulated sensor, and in addition a high environmental protection in harsh industrial environments.



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Main Features

◆ Dual axis measurement up to ±80°

◆ High accuracy < ±0.5%FS

◆ Various Data Output: Voltage, Current, Serial RS-485 (SAE JI1939 & CANopen: Please contact us)

◆ Stable measurement under vibration

◆ Programmable parameters: Inclination range, baud rate, data transmissions period, filter factor

◆ Highest protection class: IP67

User-Friendly Functions



Index Point Resetting Function (Reconfiguring the horizontal position)


It takes only 5 seconds to reset index point (0°) using the User-Configurable Adjustment Card.

The index point can also be configured manually by using the RS-485 protocol.




Programmable Digital Damping Control Function


ESC30xxZ implements the digital filter that would remove external noise to give the user a choice of certain filter factor from 16 available settings whereas typical inclinometers have to be added with the extra electrical low-pass filter or mechanical damping structure.

ESC30xxZ applies the digital filter. This makes wider choice of cut-off frequency and easy for designing frequency response.